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No Slogans, Just Solutions.


If you are the owner of a commercial business, keeping your property clean should be among your top priorities. By scheduling professional janitorial services, you can ensure that your commercial space is maintained to the highest level of cleanliness and care. NCC can assist you with all of the commercial cleaning services that you need to keep your property in fantastic shape. From window washing to hard surface flooring and carpet cleaning, there are many services that you can entrust to a service provider like NCC.


We hereby introduce our dynamic cleaning service company operating as Nemr for Cleaning & Contracting. We are engaged in providing our clients and prospect second to none royal first class services in the area of office space cleaning, After Party Clean Up, Commercial & Residential Services, and other cleaning related services. Ours is an epitome of excellence towards satisfying our clients need. As such we have at our disposal excellent, well-trained, trustworthy, staff and equipment to carry out these cleaning activities and other auxiliary services to suit your taste.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to promote excellent, cleaning services to our clients by providing a personalized one-stop cleaning and auxiliary services at an affordable fee. We take your cleaning personally.

Our Vision:

It is our vision to provide professionally guaranteed services at the lowest cost in the market. That’s to provide you with guaranteed services within your budget.

Why We Are Different:

Though some companies may have been rendering similar services for over decade now, we are different because of our dedication to work and service. We have done many researches to suit modern cleaning services. We have gone for seminars and workshops to improve and give our best on all forms of cleaning services.

Again, the ability to render excellent cleaning services to the satisfaction of our client makes us outstanding. Hence we urge you to see the difference and the difference. So challenge us.

  1. We personalize our services leading to an intimate relationship with our clients and

seek ways on improving our services.

  1. We provide guarantee for service delivery and against hidden
  2. We boost the corporate image of our clients through cleanliness, which is next to
  3. We provide the cheapest price, regardless of the high quality service we
  4. We provide our clients with a one-stop cleaning

Our Prices:

For a company like ours that personalizes services to clients, one would expect a high fee for these services. Ours are most moderate and unmatched by any company providing cleaning services. We are guided by some factors, which are part of the secret of our success.


The Company’s staffs are made up of competent, time tested, dedicated and trustworthy staff conducting the various services provided by the company.


The above is a summary of our company’s profile and services. We wish to emphasis that we are the hallmark of cleanliness per excellence in cleaning services. We therefore request that you avail yourself with this rare opportunity in cleaning services at a price that is second to none.

No Slogans, Just Solutions.