Chandelier Cleaning

NCC Cleaning Services offers a variety of extra services for those times when you need them.  These additional services require extra time and need to be scheduled in advance and are usually charged as addition to the main service.  Inside Clean inside cabinets (empty, wash, organize)

●  Clean inside kitchen / bath drawers (empty, wash, organize)
●  Clean inside oven or wipe out if self-cleaned
●  Clean Inside Refrigerator (wipe out shelves, drawers, and seal)
●  Dishwasher Load and/or Unload
●  Inside Freezer (must be defrosted)
●  Vacuum Window Treatments
●  Outside
●  Garage Cleaning and Removing Cobwebs
●  Gutter Cleaning
●  Interior /Exterior Windows
●  Screen Cleaning
●  Skylight Cleaning
●  Sweep Deck / Porch
●  Wash Patio Furniture
●  Clean Window Wells